a new independent                                      vampire diaries oc.                                        multi-verse. icons,                                          gifs, paras ect.                                        about five years                                      of roleplay experience.



                                       a new independent
                                      vampire diaries oc.
                                       multi-verse. icons,
                                          gifs, paras ect.
                                        about five years
                                     of roleplay experience.

So I just edited my theme, I’m tryin’
to get my muse for Rebekah back.

Anyways, like this for a quick starter?

I’ll get to it eventually, I promise. }

Do you know what it’s like….

to feel n o t h i n g

and { e v e r y t h i n g }

at the same time?

         ”Do you even hear yourself?
          Everything that just came
          out of your mouth sounded 

          pathetic & was a waste of my
          time. The elder homeless man down
          the street can give me a
          better speech than that.”

We are the strongest creatures in the world, and yet we are damaged beyond repair. We live without hope, but we will never die. We are the definition of cursed… Always and forever.


Aunt Bex!


  When the blonde saw the familiar face
  running towards her, she immediately
  got ready to pick her up. Once she did,
  she hugged her tightly — giving her a
  quick spin before setting her back down.
  “Hi love. And how was your day?”

rebekah mikaelson moodboard ✖

rebekah mikaelson moodboard 

Once upon a time, there was a majestic king. He was blessed with a beautiful baby daughter for whom he wished only peace. Still, the king had demons who pursued him. There was a ruthless beast who wanted to take the kingdom for her own. Armed with a pack of untamed creatures, she drove all the other magical beings from the land. And there was a wicked sorcerer with enchanted stones that weakened the king every full moon. Seeing the shadows his enemies caused upon his home, the king was driven to send his beloved princess away, convincing all that remain that she was forever lost.